The Cold and Lifeless Modern Fantasy Workforce

Finding an action figure in your car seat can make your day. I'll explain, but first pardon me for a little rant. The modern workforce has a fantasy problem. It churns out images of minimalist work spaces and home decor that highlight a coffee cup on a sparse table with maybe a simple lamp, black-framed … Continue reading The Cold and Lifeless Modern Fantasy Workforce

Are You Addicted to the Hustle?

Looking at numerous social media feeds, bookshelves, and podcasts you can't help but see a plethora of hustle culture, which I like to call hustle porn. Hustling, crushing it, killing it, or whatever cool and catchy phrase you want to use is prevalent throughout our present-day culture. Once reserved for sports or the military you're … Continue reading Are You Addicted to the Hustle?

Is Optimizing the Wrong Goal?

Everywhere you look these days it seems like optimizing is the goal and the only goal. It's understood that if you're not driving forward with everything optimized, streamlined, and to it's fullest potential then you're slipping backwards. Companies are notoriously guilty of this. If a company doesn't make significant strides each quarter (strides that are … Continue reading Is Optimizing the Wrong Goal?