3 of My Absolute Favorite Sites I Follow

Below I'll list three of my absolute favorite sites/blogs that I follow for life lessons, best practices, and elegant writing. Spoiler alert: No social media pages are included in this short list. Sorry. I'm a bigger believer in reading well-written, thought-provoking prose versus bite-sized junk food replete with click-bait, sensationalized headlines, and self-affirming, opinionated blabber. … Continue reading 3 of My Absolute Favorite Sites I Follow

One of the Best Feelings in the World

Self-control is a vast, multi-faceted skill. It can be applied to many of life's circumstances and I feel it should be used more during these challenging, sometimes difficult days. More control can actually cultivate some of the best feelings of self-satisfaction and long-term well being. As this is an age-old skill and once a mainstay … Continue reading One of the Best Feelings in the World

Is Optimizing the Wrong Goal?

Everywhere you look these days it seems like optimizing is the goal and the only goal. It's understood that if you're not driving forward with everything optimized, streamlined, and to it's fullest potential then you're slipping backwards. Companies are notoriously guilty of this. If a company doesn't make significant strides each quarter (strides that are … Continue reading Is Optimizing the Wrong Goal?