Why Are You Creating Content?

I have a few friends who create content. By content I mean Youtube videos, podcasts, and produce steady streams of social media posts to support those creations. They are steeped in the "social media marketing" world of constantly producing, editing, and promoting. Some is good and some is so so, but I will always support … Continue reading Why Are You Creating Content?

Why I Don’t Use Social Media for Freelancing

One of the "golden rules" of freelancing and anything related to contract work or entrepreneurship is that you must utilize social media to its fullest extent. A quick Google search will quickly pull up a quaint billion or so results on algorithm hacks, marketing tricks, and best practices on how to game the system, get … Continue reading Why I Don’t Use Social Media for Freelancing

This is Better Than Social Media

Blogs are better than social media. At least for now and/or until things change. I've had a blog for a number of years now. I started here at WordPress.com and then, because of monetization reasons, migrated over to a self-hosted site using WordPress.org. My self-hosted site was/is about health and fitness and is currently in … Continue reading This is Better Than Social Media